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Personal Shopper Online

Your exclusive online consulence

Your exclusive online consulence

Virtual personal shopping is a service instant and exclusive consulence.

Only essential thing is a internet connection.

This service able to connection with me (via skype or facetime) when and where you want.

Why purchase my online consulences

❌Have you never time to dedicate to shopping in your city?

❌Have you an event and you haven’t time to think your look?

❌Do you want to learn to buy online? (Without wrong purchases)

❌Do you need onest help during your shopping online?

❌Do you want to improve your shopping experience online?

❌Would you like know clothes, accessories and items in totally accordance with your style, your lifestyle, your body shapes?

If you answered YES to least one question, YOU ARE IN RIGHT PLACE!

Through my personal shopper online, You won’t even have leave the house. The fashion e commerce are thousands, and I get that your shopping is not simple. Especially, because you can’t touch the product and you can’t know the quality. Now, the web is like you are in front billion storefronts. You have trouble to buy the right clothes for different reason. You don’t know these ecommerce, you afraid is not to be trusted.

But with my service you won’t have worry about your shopping online.  I’m finding best product for you, for your style, for your body shape and for your wallet


Other online services:

Shopping On Demand

Nowadays televisions, magazines and social networks update us on the latest trends; many well-known personalities, fashion bloggers, stylists and models attract our attention through their virtual profiles and with dresses and accessories unique of their kind. We often feel a kind of love at first sight about those articles: dresses, which are nowhere to be found, become absolutely indispensable in our wardrobe. But then, it happens, that our heart’s desire is either sold out or someone else’s property!

Through the “Shopping on-demand” service, it won’t be a problem anymore: we will see to it for you!

You only have to contact us and we will make a polished search: we will find the best market price and at last we’ll send you your dream dress (or dream accessory) wherever you are.

Search gifts: an exclusive service

Nothing harder than give somebody a present! It is sometimes a real “mission impossible”!

You have only recently met a new person and you don’t have the faintest idea about his own tastes. What should you do? Do you always look for presents at the very last moment? Are you worried to get wrong or to become banal with your few imagination? Do you want to reward your company’s employees or simply to express thankfulness to customers with a little present?

So, don’t worry!

Contact us through our e-mail address or our telephone number. You can draw up the form next here you will fill up a short questionnaire, in order that we can understand, according to your budget, what kind of present is better for you. Afterwards, we will see to it all: search, purchase and forwarding. Do you become more curious, reading about our personal shopper’ services, the wardrobe’s analysis and the shopping on-demand experience we offer?

Give these gifts through our GIFT CARD it could be a very innovative gift!