Having a Personal Shopper with you, means having an professionist who care and highlight your image with the aim of making it in line with your personality.

What is a personal shopper?

The personal shopper is a professional who build, improve and value your image.

The image is your visiting card, an element which speaks for yourself, that expresses who you are and what you want represent.

You might think what really matters is personality and this speech is superficial; BUT just try to imagine a lawyer or merely an office worker in sportswear, whoever would discuss about their professionality.

By the time, whether you like it or not, the image becomes crucially importance, and get a handle on how to manage it is essential to feel better about yourself.

The personal shopper will help you to create your ideal depiction, reflecting the best way your personality and your qualities.

Which are the benefits of Personal Shopping?

In this article, we would like summarize in:

• Improve

• Discover

• Save

Personal shopper benefits


The first purpose of BY Personal Shopper is to improve your image and to give it value, hiding flaws and highlighting your qualities and values.

Each of our advices will be absolutely impartial, focused to find your style, the right attires to your body shapes.

Achieving a style fully in keeping with your image, will improve your shape and it will increase your self as it influence with your personality by making you more confident about yourself and beautifying your personal wellness.


With our service We are going to create the so-called “customized shopping”, getting you know new boutiques, places, styles, trends and brands tailor-made for you.

Also, across our service called Shopping Tour, you can discover boutique, shop and atelier in Milan, Piacenza and Fidenza Village Outlet.

Furthermore, this service will be richly in line with your style, your budget and your body shapes.


Each service made of By Personal Shopper, allow you to avoid wrong purchases, items don’t give you value, accessories not adapt with your style and your body shapes, hasty purchases which remain in the corner of wardrobe for long time, without ever having been used.

All our advices and our suggestions can help you in saving money, buying only items and accessories appropriate with your style and just those clothes that give value to you and to your body shapes.

The goal of BY Personal Shopper is instruct you how to create your look and your style, by studying the essential improvements aimed to enhance your image, guaranteeing you more satisfaction, by creating your daily outfit in fully autonomy and independence.

If you have a personal shopper, the choice of the outfit, research of the attire and the suitable style will be easier and faster, let you saving time and money.



Finally, you know the benefits that can offer you every personal shopping service, you just have to discover yourself, as these services can help to improve and discover your image, by saving time and money, too.