Personal Shopper


How do you know the personal shopper helps you to buy, to clean your wardrobe from the old item, adapt your clothes (if could be possible), your style, and get your wardrobe for your indispensable new clothes?

Now you think, “why should I need a Personal Shopper to make it happen?” I’m going out from my home, driving to the city center, visit at boutiques and shops and buy. Sound easy! what about the wardrobe? Simple that too, all you need to have is a time to fix that, and it’s done. Yes, your way of thinking is right.

However, my work is not buying in the first shop bump into the street, and not even listen to a shop assistance (their job is to sell as more as possible).

The personal shopper goal is helping you in relation your body shapes, style, budget and wishes.

To have a personal shopper on your side, mean that has an expert who follows you during your shopping, preventing a purchase not in line with your style and body shapes.

A lot of people think that this is a service suitable just for few specific people, but if you are thinking how many wrong items lie in your closet. You already have a budget for two consultations at least.

Discover the benefits

Saving Money


Acquistando unicamente capi ed accessori adatti al proprio stile, alla propria figura e alla propria personalità.

You get buy only clothes and accessories in accordance with your personality, your body shapes and your style.

Saving Time


Each consulence and tour are customizing in  each details and designed ad-hoc. I will be deemed only boutique, showroom and atelier in accordance with your lifestyle and your body shapes. In this way we don’t waste any time.

Tips Style


Throughout the consulence you will also acquire customize, professional and objective advices and suggestions


Getting the most of your wardrobe!


Custom tips about trend.

Improve and find your style



Each consultation will be preceded to complete a questionnaire, allowing us to know you and your needs better; thereafter, we’ll plan to customize shopping tours, making outfits and giving valuation to your body shapes and your total look.

During the consulting, we give you tips of style, to learn matching and mixing colors and items of clothing.

On your request is also possible demanding the specific make-up artist consulting and hair-stylist consulting.

This advice is good for anyone want to mark a turning point to own style, and/or anybody needs a perfect outfit for a special event, and/or to anyone wanted to live a unique and unforgettable experience.


Discover the price

Prices begin at € 50,00/h

Each service is totally customized and the prices vary with:

– City where you want to be shopping

– Shopping duration

– Objectives to be achieved