Wardrobe makeover

Your Perfect Wardrobe

Have you ever dreamt of opening the wardrobe and know exactly what to wear?

Through our Online Wardrobe service, you’ll be able to obtain your dream wardrobe

Our purpose are:

  • to guide you in the reorganization of your wardrobe, in order to be able to choose autonomously what to wear.
  • Creating new combinations using basic clothes,
  • Creating a “shopping list”, which is essential in case of new purchases,
  • Rearranging and readapting, when possible, the clothes that are not used anymore.

This is the final result: you should have a wardrobe with the only clothes that could only enhance your look without leaving your personal style.

How it works?


First of all, we will fill up a questionnaire together with you, to understand better your needs, your lifestyle,your budget and your personal taste.


The second step will be selecting clothes to keep, to reinvent and to recycle.





After this first selection, we will identify the combinations that will fit better to you and we will rearrange your wardrobe with the outfits we will have created.


To guarantee you a long lasting service, we will also execute a photographic cataloguing; this process consists in taking pictures of all the outfits we obtained, so you won’t forget our advices.

 You’ll have in the your wardrobe only clothes able to give value your image, without get away your personal style.

Price and Service

-Meeting pre-service

-Advice to maintain organized your wardrobe

-Wardrobe renovation with personal styling where you can finally get rid of all old and wrong clothes

– You learn how to create new look with your dress and accessories

-Including 30 minutes to Personal shopping online

– Shopping list focused to missing clothes/accessories

After booking the service, I send you a preparation list to help you train your wardrobe and in this way we don’t waste our time together.

Discover the price

€ 400 per una giornata intera